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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friends get benefits

One of the many luxuries of be-friending a makeup artist besides snatching gratis from her job, is free makeup service whenever you want. I did my friends makeup for her graduation photo today. She said she wanted a "fresh" look. I thought what fresh meant to me might be different for her. To me the definition of fresh is natural colors: corals, baked golds, browns, and a natural enhanced lip. Once she told me she was wearing a coral shirt I knew we were on the same page. So much fun doing makeup for people you know, such a more relaxing setting being in my room and talking about boys and what not.

When I feel like a more natural look I usually apply my bronzer as my eyeshadow and a highlighter by my brow bone. To me I feel more fresh with light hues on. Even light pinks, and oranges are fresh looking on my brown eyes. I feel neutral shades look day time appropriate on all eye colors though. If you're wondering what colors work for your eyes, view my "Eye see Color" blog post below. Natural for me is alot different for most, I still glob on the mascara and always have a thin cat eye.

What can I say I love lashes!

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