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Sunday, April 25, 2010

High Maintenance Beauty Routine..

Everyday I sit on my floor by my vanity mirror, I grab my "everyday" makeup bag, and lay out all my products I use on the daily. For the first time today, I looked at my every day makeup collection and I thought, "Wow, I'm a nut!" Every single morning I sit and apply all this makeup in order to leave my house. Although I've come to the negative realization that I am high maintenance and spending alot of money on cosmetics. I have to reward myself for my patience. I sit in indian style for 40 minutes and apply my makeup. Then I get up and go and apply makeup at work. I definitely am a makeup-aholic. Well, the first step is admitting, atleast I've come this far. For my patience my reward shall be.. more makeup! Shopping Spree!

This is my everyday makeup:

The High Maintenance Beauty Regimen: (In order of how I apply)

Ole Henrikson Spot Treatment Roller
DDF Fiz 1000 Serum (for hydration, I'm a dry-combinmation skin type)
Clarins Hydra Quench Moisturizer for Normal to dry skin
Nars Primer
Physicians Formula green color corrector stick
Kat Von D Tattto Concealer in light
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1
Smashbox eyelash primer
Smashbox Halo powder
Benefit posie tint cheek stain
Lorac Cheek Stamp in Pink Paradise
Physicians Formula Bronzer in light
Nars Multiple in Copacabana
Urban Decay eye primer in Eden
Smashbox Opt eye brightner
Anastascia eyebrow powder in Medium Ash
Sephora Fiber Mascara
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero
MUFE Aqua Black cream liner
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
MUFE Mist and Fix makeup setter
Sephora black liquid liner
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara
Ardel False Lashes #105

Okay, I know what it looks like. I use 3 mascaras on the daily, plus a primer, plus lashes, but nothing is more important to my femininity than LASHES! Big full, long lashes is what I love most than any other part of my makeup, so I sit on my behind everyday and patiently apply it all.

How long does it take you to do your makeup everyday? Do you ever use more than one mascara?

Also don't forget.. CONTEST!


  1. OMG, what else can I say, OMG. Well this really made me laugh cause everyday I'll where moisturizer and lip balm. 2 items. Then some days I'll wear these with mascara and when I really want to go out I wear these 3 with a bronzer and some blush and maybe a lipstick. That's 6 items, oh and if I'm going to a wedding or something special I'll also wear a foundation, a primer and eyeliner and eye shadow. 10 items but this is only a few times a year. So when I saw your list I was amazed. lol

  2. 10 items... 25 items.. I mean who's counting really! lol

    xox Laura Beth

  3. Hi-cute blog! I am following!


  4. Haha! That's great! I often use two mascaras. It normally takes me 15-20 minutes to do my makeup in the morning.

  5. It takes me 25-30 minutes to do my makeup everyday just because I'm slow and I like to take my time doing it. Your stash is impressive!

  6. I know right, me too, I like to take my time and relax while I apply. Glad you're alittle bit closer to my number :)

    xox Laura Beth

  7. Amazing... I never thought about this before! I wear around I would wear on average about 19...! But somehow I manage to get ready in about 10 mins some mornings! Having a baby makes you go that little bit faster :p but a few months ago, it took me 45mins to do my make up!

    You have a nice stash there! I used to sit on the floor indian style, then I got too pregnant and could hardly get back up again! Haha!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, they are so appreciated :) I see your fron NY too?! I've always wanted to visit there :)

    ya got Twitter? Xx

  8. I know right, it's so crazy when you think about how much makeup you have to have fast you apply it.

    Yeah NY is my hometown. I have to look into Twitter, as soon as I get into it, I'll comment you. :)

    xox Laura Beth

  9. OMG, so jealous of your makeup! It's good that you've got a routine you can stick to though :) I love posts like this so thank you. xx

  10. I'm glad you like it, I just had a moment in tme morning of disbelief of what I do on the daily and had to share. :)

    xox Laura Beth

  11. My gosh girl I wish I was like you! I only do my make up if I'm in a good mood. But I'm not so good at make up :(

    I'll get better though :)

  12. Wow! With all those products you sure put them on fast! lol I'm slow so it takes me 30 minutes in the morning, but with limited products. =] Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

  13. Holy crap! I can't believe you can put all those products on in only 40 minutes, that's an achievement in itself!

    Nothing wrong with being high maintenance, rather that than not have a passion for it. If it makes you happy then do it is my philosophy!

  14. @ Leenda: I hear ya, I like to take my time!

    @ Beautyfiend: Thanks, I agree if you love it than you're not so crazy for doing it all the time ;)

    @ Clairey: You're a natural beauty anyway, but you defintely can do makeup.

    xox Laura Beth


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