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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wash Away the day!

We all love to doll our faces up, but removing all that product after a long day can be such a pain. Also with summer coming, and we all seem to want to waterproof everything we apply, this makes removal twice as difficult. Makeup wipes are a quick solution when you're in a lazy mood; however, sensitive skin types like myself, develop blemishes from spreading bacteria and not cleansing. Honestly the best idea is to use makeup wipes to remove eye makeup and cleanse your foundation/face products off. If you're a dry skin type use a milky cleanser, something that doesn't lather to a bubble. If you're oily/combination use a facial cleanser that foams, this will help dry out excess oils.

HUGE TIP: DO NOT USE BAR SOAP ON YOUR FACE, I may just gag thinking about this. Bar soap carries bacteria and is extremely drying, avoid, for it is toxic in my eyes.

My favorite cleanser: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser

Tip: Use warm water when washing face this opens the pores and allows dirt to clean out. When done cleasing, using a sponge soak it in ice cold water and apply all over face, this will close your pores and also de-puff your face and eyes in the morning.

Waterproof cosmetics need to be removed with oily based products. Many people use baby oil, and that does the job.
My choice waterproof makeup remover: Neutrogena eye makeup remover

I mean we all love to lather it on, but lathering it off can take forever, but just don't not take the extra seconds to remove the day, wearing your makeup to sleep will result in the negative when you get older.. yes the unspeakable: WRINKLES! With the right products you'll be on your way to bed in no time!


  1. I know. Soap on your face No No. I like your tip about the warm & cold water, alot of people don't realize how important that is. Thanks!


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