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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MakeupAlley Swap Haul

Hey girls. So im currently on project '5' pan.. and finding it extremely difficut. I dont understand how project ten panners do it, I havent even finished one product yet! Im definately getting there though, and have a couple of things I think will be finished soon including no7 perfect and protect day cream and 2true concealer. However one thing that has made it a little easier is a makeup alley swap I did last week. I dont think its cheating as its getting rid of something ive already got that I dont use! So I swapped a revlon colourstay which was too light for me (I had held out hope it would be ok in winter - it wasnt!) and a lancome juicy tube for the products below..

The Body Shop Mineral Foundation Brush
This was brand new in the wrapping, I had seen it in the body shop and felt it and thought it was amazingly soft! It really does have a gorgeous silky feel. Ive actually been using it mainly to apply blush and it does a great job, it has replaced my MAC 168 for blush, it just gives a really gorgeous pigmented yet blended look. It also comes with a handy little pouch for travelling ect. Love it.
Rimmel Shine Tempation Lipstick In '112 Tease'
This was also brand new. Havent actually tried this on the lips yet as they are in really bad conditon at the moment (reccomendations for actual lip fixers rather than just barriers please?!) but the swatch on my hand is gorgeous. Also seen some really great reviews on this on makeupalley. It has a really nice smell which is kind of watermelony!
YSL Tinted Matt Moisturiser
Firstly, sorry to be random, but the misspelling of matte above is actually the way they spell it on the product. I wonder if this was deliberate? Lol! Anyway, this had previously been used but I was aware of that and not too fussed, I have worn this today and it is pretty nice. Its actually the first tinted moisturiser ive tried. The colour is just a smide darker than my actual skintone, but that is the colour I tend to go for anyway because I like to add a smidge of colour to my skin (I know alot of people dont agree with this but it works for me!) so suprisingly it was perfect on the colour front for me. It has lasted really well for a tinted moisturiser, the only bad thing is the 'matt' finish, I had to add Fix plus at the end too give it a dewy look which I like. However, I know alot of people prefer a matte finish so this isnt really a general bad point, just personal to me. I will definately use it up as its just so easy when you dont want to have a lots of makeup day, but when it runs out ill be trying some less matte tinted moisturisers :)
Have you girls tried any of these? Do you have any other reccomendations?


  1. I LOVE that Body Shop brush! Possibly my favorite makeup brush! :)


  2. I've missed you! I can't wait till you get back to blogging regularly! (hint hint) lol. I did chage things around. I got tired of the "beauty" blog... seeing as how there are so many fabulous ones out there. I created a new one that talks about whatever I want, has no direction, and is way more fun to write! Check it out when you get a chance.

  3. That brush is great! Nice haul :)


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