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Friday, August 6, 2010

My everyday hair products/ routine

My hair has been through alot over the years, I've dyed it every color of the rainbow, over heated it, over treated it, and chopped it crazy. Now I've finally realized how precious my hair is and I'm too young to be killing it with hair dye and cheaping out on a haircut. So I went on a search for the perfect hair dresser, the type of hair dresser who listens when I talk. I'm a baby when it comes to cutting my hair and every snip of the scissor makes me cringe, so I needed to find a hair dresser who understood my want for long hair and health. I'm so happy I finally found hair dresser bliss and I stopped dying my hair about two years ago and grew in my natural. My hair has never felt and looked better. My natural highlights have come out and I can apply alittle heat to it once and awhile without it spilting instantly.
My hair curly:
My hair blown out:
Another important investment in my hair bliss was finding the right blow dryer. It was definitely important for me to invest in an expensive blow dryer that was ionic cermanic and applied an even amount of heat on my hair. The dryer I purchased about 2 years ago was a Baby Bliss Pro Cermanic Dryer and it was priced around $100. I've had it for so long and it still heats up perfectly, and leaves my hair silky smooth. I also use a Round Brush by Blue 70 brushes, it really works well with my products to volumize my hair nicely (Priced about $12). Below is my hair dryer:

My shampoo is Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Hydrating Shampoo, all the big salons in the city carry this line and it really keeps my hair soft and healthy. It also smells amazing (Price $34): My conditioner is Tresemme Healthy Volume, it also smells nice and doesn't leave my hair filmy. I hate conditioners that take forever to wash out and leave my hair flat, so this conditioner does a good job (price: about $8) I love using leave in conditioners, it's a bit of an obsession. My favorite one being John Frieda Leave in Conditioner, makes my hair silky, soft and very touchable (price $16) To protect my hair from the heat of my blow dryer I use Tresemme hair tamer and protective spray. It keeps my hair from getting any damage from the high heat on my dryer. (Price $10) Another leave in condtioner I love is CHI Keratin Mist, I know Keratin is really good for your hair so I had to buy this and my hair has been growing quicker since I've been using it. (Price $20)
Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray is one of the last products I use after styling, it makes my hair look smoother after blowing it out, and tames any fly aways. The smell is fresh, and my boyfriend also loves the way it smells, which is a bonus. I couldn't live a day without this product. It's a necessity. (Price around $5) Living Proof thickening cream is my newest product and it's the reason why my hair is so full lately. It has a special technology, a molecule that plumps the hair and gives the ultimate volume. The smell is a bit over bearing for me, but it fades out while I'm styling my hair. Plus the product does such a great job, I can't help but use it. (Price $24) To give my hair a nice flip, I also use Volumax Moouse. It keeps my hair in place all day. Plus it works well with the living proof product. (Price $15) My last step in my hair routine is Tresemme refeshing mist, I carry this with me because it refeshes your hair through out the day. It's basically a hair perfume. I believe a girl should always smell good when walking away from her man at all times. So I like to spritz this in my hair throughout the day. It basically smells like I just came out of the shower. Nothing smells better than a shower fresh smell to me. (Price $ 5)
I've never felt better about my hair, and it's never been this healthy, well perhaps when I was a baby. I'm so glad I've found hair bliss. I just had to share it with you all. I do use almost all these products in my hair every time I style it. I guess I have a product problem, but I'm satisfied with the results.

xox Laura Beth


  1. WOW. love your hair and so love this post. :) i love how you explained all the products you use. it really makes me want to get each one of them ^ ^.

  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Your hair definitely has lots of volume.

  3. Thanks Sarah, I'm really into hair products lately. I feel I go through phases and buy certain products excessively.

    xox Laura Beth

  4. WOW.. You really take care of your hair (I SO need to.) It pays off though because your hair looks awesome both ways. I need to start looking into these things.


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