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Monday, August 2, 2010

Winner!/ FOTD and night/ my new love...

First off I would like to thank everyone who participated in my mystery contest, the only non-secret was when it ended. So today I shall reveal the winner, yes only one winner, but all who follow me know I am currently having another contest for a Dior Maximizer, and that I love giving surprise giveaways, so keep your eyes posted.

Now for the fun part: The winner of this contest is: Froggistyle73

What have you won? A Sephora collection apple pomegranate body butter, this is my favorite smelling lotion ever!

Also, my favorite palette everrr!! The Sephora Collection Play Palette, the quality is amazing, the eyeshadows are manufactured by Dior, and the blushes by Nars! This palette consists of 5 sections, each with different shadows, lip gloss, and blushes, for any mood, and also a travel mirror, to bring the individual sections on the go! Here it is:

Congratulations!! I chose the winner at random, I wrote all the names down on a pice of paper and pulled out of a watering pot believe it or not. My mother was my witness and I played fair, I'd feel to gulity to cheat. I also really enjoyed everyone's stories on when you felt most beautiful. Some of them really hit home, and almost made me tear up. Froggie your story was cute too, one of the tear jerkers:

Froggie said " I feel most beautiful when I am with my children. They don't care if I have hair done or makeup on, if I'm wearing my pajamas or a cute tee. They see me and think I'm beautiful just as I am, even if I am sick and haven't showered in a day ;) LOL. When I am with, I am beautiful."

How cute, right?!? Love it!!!

Please contact me within 48 hours with your address via email. :)

Yesterday I had an event at work and it was called "all that glitters" so obviously I had to glitter up my look. But I was going out later at night with friends and I wanted to lighten up my look. My gameplan was wearing golden sparkle under my eyes, so when I got home to get ready to go out all I had to do was put alittle makeup remover on a Q-tip, and remove the sparkle.

This was my makeup for work (The glitter is Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter liner):

My cleaned up non-sparkle night look (The rest of my look is from my Sephora Play palette that I just gave away to froggi :)

My new love: Essie fill the Gap, this was an impulse buy, it was sitting on the check-out counter at my local beauty supplier and I went for it. It really is amazing! It makes the nail so smooth and ready for polish, and dries instantly. I would suggest checking this product out. (Price $3)
Once again congrats to the winner!

xox Laura Beth


  1. Congratulations to the winner!!

    And girl, you look so pretty. I really like the hair. =)

  2. You look so pretty, and now I want that essie polish haha! xxx

  3. congrats to the winner!
    That is an amazing palette!

  4. Hi =)
    I have the Sephora Pallete and I love it ;)
    The colors are really good.

    Congrats to the winner**


  5. keep the mystery giveaways coming, Laura Beth!
    congrats to Froggistyle73!

  6. Congratulations to froggistyle73 ,the palette is awesome.Lara you made me so sad today but I hope you will have other surprise giveaways and hey girl if next time you giveaway a plette like this don't forget to choose me as the winner lolz because I love the palette

  7. Thanks everyone ;)

    @Clau: I know right, there's such a wide range of color.

    @alvira: aww, I'm sorry, I always have contests though, keep your eyes posted, I', sure you'' win soon :)

    xox Laura Beth

  8. WOW, I won!! Thanks so much emailing now

  9. Congrats to the winner :)

    I love your hair dear :) So great :)


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