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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FOTN/ friends FOTN

I went out with friends last night and they took advantage of the fact that their best friend is a makeup nut, and I applied all their makeup for the night. I was super excited to get creative, because they were open minded to anything I wanted to do. I have a free palette to work with and they're both pretty girls so this was a good time.

This is what their makeup looked like (Alie, me, and Jules)

Alie: Has awesome long lashes, but we decided to apply Makeup Forever lashes no.27 anyway, just for fun. I applied a smoky eye on her with a MAC (very old limited edition palette she had), the colors I used were, gold(almost like Urban Decay half baked) and a dark copper on half her lid, I used Urban Decay Zero eyeshadow in her crease and blended. For her liner I used a soft black pencil and smudged it til it looked almost charcoal. I smoked the liner under her eyes as well. On her lips I used Makeup Forever Aqua Creme lip and cheek color in 7 Fuschia (with gold flakes). She was wearing a hot pink skirt so to the lip worked so well with her outfit and she wore it with confidence!

Jules: Also has long lashes and she's into a more natural look, but with a tad of fun. So I applied on her eyes Claires pink-purple eyeshadow palette. I based with MUFE start dust powder 956 (applying with my finger to pick the powder up in full pigment). I then blened a light pink and dark pink on her eyes, and in her crease I popped with a bright violet. Her blue eyes were popping so much because of the colors. She used a pink frosty lip gloss.
I based all girls with Urban Decay Skin primer.
Both girls use Cover girl Clean Foundation.

My look was:

Lips: I based with Raspberry Lip smackers lip balm (it helps my lip from not drying out throughout the night, and my lips feel smooth and not peely), Sephora lip pencil in nude, and from Sephora lip palette red.

Brows: Benefit brow zing light.

Eyes: Two faced Teddy Bear Heaven duo. I based with the light vanilla shade in the duo and on half my lid blended the brown, then in the corner of my eye I poppped my look with a deep brown from my Sephora Play palette.

Face/liner/ lashes: My usual routine.

Also I lost 10 lbs. which you can notice by these pictures. Many knew I was dieting a month back and I passed emails with a few girls and we motivated one another to work out and eat right! It really helped me and was able to sucessfully lose the weight and keep it off. I would like to Thank all who participated in my Diet Season email exchange and feel free to continue emailing me for encouragement! :)

I had a fun night, and was glad to get a night out with the girls before school starts again.
xox Laura Beth


  1. First of all, everyone looks gorgeous.
    Second, I love Alie's lip colour...I will have to check it out.
    Third thats such a good idea for weight loss support. I need to start a serious diet in September and could use some motivation. How did you form the group
    If you get a chance, please check out my first product review and let me know what you think about the format.

  2. Great job on everyone's makeup, and congrats on the weight loss, you look SUPER slim in that skirt! I had fun doing the emails and encouragement and Im so happy that it worked so well for you!

  3. You look amazing, as do your friends! Congrats on losing 10 pounds! x

  4. Congrats on losing 10 lbs , your dress is so beautiful you look so smart in it.All of you are looking gorgeous you did a great job

  5. @ Kali and Ariel and alvira: Thanks girl! Nice to hear a compliment, I was pretty proud of my work. ;)

    @Funnyface: Thanks! Wait til you see the color in person, it's so vibrant and unique. You're gonna love it! For the Diet Season email I posted a blog post about it about 2 months ago it's called "Diet Season (Who's with me?)" and it's in the June part of my blog list. Check it out. After that I emailed everyone who wanted to participate and we emailed one another back for about a month or so. We set a weight loss goal. If you want send me your email and I'll send you a few as an idea format if you'd like. but it really does help when you have support. I'll def check out your review :)

    @Jennifer: Thanks for the support and for helping me lose the weight. I really enjoyed the emails as well :)

  6. They all looked amazing! Congrats on the weight loss, hunny! You look gorgeous like always! xoxo

  7. Love your makeup, you all look great.


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