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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How I got more volume in my lashes, naturally.

For those who have never seen my product of the week page to the right of the page, I wanted to share my experience with the Tarte Lash enhancer:

Price: $65

Week 1:
Week 2:

Week 3:

Tarte's Multipleye enhances lash length and volume. I have tried it out for 3 weeks and these were the results, wearing Cover Girl Lash blast mascara in black.

The difference between this lash enhancer and others is this one has no steroids and is produced by a more natural brand. This product does not have the harsh side effects.

IMPORTANT: This lash enhancer is made naturally, so you must appy it on a dry lash line. Best used after cleansing face of all makeup and residue, day or night, on dry eyes. Any extra residue in the bottle can change the formulas natural quality and actually produce a foul smell. If applied correctly the product will remain fresh longer. You can also store this product in the fridge to help it stay fresher longer.

My before statement: "I am really excited to bring my lashes to maximum length."

The end result statement: "I really think my lashes look healthier, I know many other lash enhancers give length but the lashes look dry and brittle. I can honestly say my lashes feel healthier and more volumized."

Product grade: I really loved it and would use it once a year to help my lashes stay long, FOREVER! lol.

xox Laura Beth

More products to come :)


  1. Great review! HAHA "help my lashes stay long, FOREVER!" :D

    P.S : You've been tagged on my blog.

  2. This product is intriguing! Would love to try it! But its pricey! Great review hun!

  3. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. But sounds better than going to the doctor for some random crap. I'm glad this has worked for you! Bat those lashes!

  4. You already have nice lashes to begin with! So lucky. I wanted to try this when it first came out but decided to wait for more reviews -still not sure. Just a little weary of using any of these lash serums and whatnot.

    I really like that this one's natural unlike the others.

  5. wowww looks great.
    thankss for the review

  6. Thanks for the review by this you ensure they are worth every penny you spend.

    Thank you,
    Ashley- Eyelash Growth


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